Sandra Tsing Loh

June 18, 2020: Sandra Tsing Loh with Henry Alford – Now on YouTube


Thursday, June 18, 2020

5:00pm PDT

Watch the conversation here:

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Sandra Tsing Loh‘s last book, The Madwoman in the Volvo took us on a wild and truly hilarious ride into the sunrise of menopause. In her new book, The Madwoman and the Roomba, menopause leads to aging, which Sandra considers, then tackles, and finally, clobbers.

Just as she does in all of her work, Sandra looks at the big picture while suffering small outrages, such as visiting a dentist, or going on a…cruise. (A cruise! Sandra on a Carnival Cruise? Read it and weep.) Or feeling underdressed at a book party for Arianna Huffington. Or assessing her underemployed and maddeningly even-tempered partner’s proclivity for bbq recipes.

Sandra gives loud and absolutely hilarious voice to thoughts that women have about different stages in our lives, our behavior, thoughts and fears that we might not have realized we even had. And she normalizes these thoughts, concerns and experiences for us–but of course in a more brilliant and funny way than we could ever express ourselves. She puts these crazy experiences of aging, of child rearing, or love and partnership and friendship, in context and perspective, in a brutally funny and liberating way. It is an understatement to say that The Madwoman and the Roomba is really funny– and poignant– and tremendously valuable to read.

Humorist and essayist Henry Alford will engage with Sandra. You’ve read him in The New York Times, in The New Yorker (here’s a recent piece), and in many other publications. He’s the author of some great books himself, including Would It Kill You To Stop Doing That: A Modern Guide to Manners, and How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth).

Might Sandra have met her match? We will record Sandra Tsing Loh and Henry Alford’s conversation on June 18, 2020. Watch the conversation right after it happens here at

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