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Mission Statement
Writers Bloc Presents® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the following:

  1. Foster the significance and importance of literature and the written word as an art form.
  2. Enrich the general public’s knowledge and awareness of the contemporary writers and thinkers who have made a significant impact on the cultural and literary landscape.
  3. Enhance the general public’s exposure and access to literary and cultural work, thoughts and ideas as represented in and by modern works of fiction and nonfiction.
  4. Expand the general public’s access to and understanding of literature through community-based programs featuring writers, thinkers, public figures and others in conversation on fictional and nonfictional work.
  5. Create and foster opportunities for dialogue and interaction between the general public and writers , thinkers, public figures or others about reading, writing, literature, the literary process, the role and relationship of literature to music, film and other media, and the relevance and impact of literature on modern society.
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About Andrea Grossman
Andrea sits around a lot and reads. She probably needs to get out more often—especially since Los Angeles is so beautiful. In the meantime, she thanks all of you for coming to Writers Bloc Presents programs, which she’s been curating for the past 25 years. She thanks all of you for visiting this website; she enjoys writing it almost as much as she loves plowing through good novels and watching fun tv shows. She thanks those who work the programs and help her out.

Andrea and Writers Bloc Presents were recently featured in The New York Times.

She is also the executive producer of the Emmy-winning HBO special, featuring Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett, a product of a terrific Writers Bloc Presents event. We couldn’t make these programs happen without each and every one of you—readers from near and far, authors, contributors, tweeters, family and friends.

Contact us at reservations@writersblocpresents.com