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Photo: Karl Sonnenberg

Dear Friends: 

How much does Writers Bloc mean to you? How much did it mean to you when we were locked down, locked out, and locked in? How much did you learn about the world, about literature, about issues ranging from art to politics to science and everything in between? 

Writers Bloc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and we hope that you will support us as generously as you can. Your contribution will be 100% tax deductible. We will not send you a gift or incentive– we will use our funding to produce the excellent programs you have come to expect over the years.

Consider becoming a recurring donor, where you contribute any amount you’d like, per month. It helps to sustain Writers Bloc,  and it helps us to continue to offer the programs that you’ve come to expect. All you have to do is select “Make this a monthly donation” on the Paypal donation page above. We appreciate your help. 

In the past few months, we stuck our toes in the water with a few socially distant, masked, and terrific live events– including noted journalists Robert Costa and Kevin Merida; acclaimed prize winning novelist Colson Whitehead with critic Boris Katchka; and Congressman Adam Schiff with activist/actor Jamie Lee Curtis. 

From our virtual perch, we were able to offer programs with some of the most notable people in their fields. 

Here’s a sampling of some of our  2021 highlights. There are far too many to cite but just look at the breadth of virtual programs we’ve hosted just in the past year.

Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro. Anita Hill. International literary sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard. Diplomat Fiona Hill. Bill Gates. Internationally acclaimed Israeli author David Grossman. Revered artist Ai Weiwei. Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig with Jacob Soboroff. 

Perhaps you had experiences that moved you, or shook you, or made you consider different corners of issues when you’ve come to Writers Bloc, in person or online.

Writers Bloc has just launched our 26th season with a sense of great urgency to continue offering virtual events, as well as in-person events when we can.  We have set the standard for literary events in Southern California, and because of our current situation, our programs are as excellent, engaging and as important as ever.  You can watch our virtual events anytime on our YouTube Channel.

Almost all of our virtual programs are free of charge, except in the rare circumstance where the publisher requires a book purchase to gain admission to the program. Writers Bloc does not share in the book sales. These programs still cost money to produce. We have always run a very lean machine,  and now we’re leaner than ever. But free events cannot generate any revenue or operating capital. I am coming to you to help me keep Writers Bloc running. I need your help. 

Consider the authors, thought leaders, journalists, elected representatives, artists, and public figures who have participated in our series to make it one of the best in the country.  Over the past several years, we’ve hosted many of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Bernie Sanders. We can’t live on news alone– and over the years, Writers Bloc has brought to Los Angeles some of the greatest novelists, comedians, artists, and critics. See what great events we have offered over the years here. I am so proud. 

It is my great hope that you appreciate Writers Bloc as an important and enjoyable component to your intellectual engagement. I can’t thank you enough for coming to Writers Bloc over the years. We couldn’t have done it without you. Writers Bloc has been recognized in local and national press, most recently – just as the shutdown hit–in The New York Times for our important work.

Writers Bloc is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, and we hope that you will contribute. If you have a Donor Advised Fund, a foundation, or would be interested in becoming a sponsor of Writers Bloc, I ask that you email me at

I thank you with all of my heart for everything that you have done for Writers Bloc, and for everything that we can do together in the next year.  I wish you a healthy and happy 2022, and very much look forward to more in-person events to see you and to thank you. 


Andrea Grossman


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