October 8, 2021: Robert Costa: Washington Post National Political Reporter/NBC Political Analyst with Kevin Merida, Executive Editor of the LA Times – Now on YouTube

Writers Bloc and the Skirball Present

Robert Costa: Washington Post National Political Reporter/NBC Political Analyst 

With Kevin Merida, Executive Editor of the Los Angeles Times

Friday, October 8, 2021

7:30pm PDT

Skirball Cultural Center (Outdoors)

(No Livestream)

2701 North Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049

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The Skirball will require proof of vaccination or a recent negative Covid-19 test from the past 72 hours on October 8. Seating will be socially distant, and the event will be held on the beautiful courtyard of the Skirball. Masks required at all times. Wear something warm.

Price: $20.00 USD

Bob Woodward is accustomed to writing about the frenzied, final days of a presidency. He and acclaimed journalist Robert Costa, Washington Post National Political Reporter and NBC political analyst, reveal the national security crisis with global reverberations, of the January 6 events that imperiled the nation— and drama that played out well before that as well.

In their new book, Peril, Woodward and Costa detail the transition between the Trump presidency and the ascendency of the Biden presidency as one of the most fraught and dangerous periods in American history. Woodward and Costa reveal details concerning Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley; about our relationship with China; about former Attorney General William Bar; about former Vice President Mike Pence (and former Vice President Dan Quayle); and more. The revelations from this book just keep coming. Join us for more.

In conversation with Kevin Merida. Kevin Merida is the new Executive Editor of the Los Angeles Times. Before coming to the LA Times, he was head of ESPN’s Editorial Board, and he was editor in chief of the acclaimed ESPN division, The Undefeated, and ran its investigative news division. He served as Managing Editor at The Washington Post, where he was Robert Costa’s editor.

Kevin Merida Photo Credit: Kirk McKoy