Meet a favorite author, Paul Levine

For some reason, lawyers are great fodder for novels, television, film and jokes. I happen to love lawyers; they’ve gotten me out of unsavory situations, and brought me into better ones. The lawyers I know are smart, handsome, beautiful and funny. It doesn’t hurt that I’m married to one, sister of two, daughter of one, and friend of many.

One particular attorney friend fits nicely into the smart, handsome and funny categories: author and screenwriter Paul Levine. His website, , will fill you in on his television credits. His early series, the Jake Lassiter novels, as well as his Solomon Vs. Lord books, take place in Florida. They could only take place in Florida. Paul takes on a more serious tone in his recent novel, Illegal, and moves the action to the California/Mexico border. While Illegal yanks us into today’s headlines dealing with Mexico and immigration, the Solomon Vs. Lord series is just unbridled fun. Great dialog. Characters so engaging that we wish that we could have at least a few of them over for dinner while the bad guys sit in a cage somewhere (in Florida, of course). Check out his books at . And while you’re downloading Solomon Vs. Lord, you might want to jump into the first Jake Lassiter book, To Speak For The Dead; on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Paul is donating all proceeds (the download is only $2.95!) to the Four Diamonds Fund, the children’s cancer fund at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. Visit for the opportunity to feel like you’re helping someone when you’re really sitting around reading, enjoying yourself far too much to be doing something altruistic.

And speaking of downloading books, Paul gives us his thoughts on the Kindle. Tell us what you think.