Cathy Alter gets renewed

Who gives the best advice when we most need it? To whom can we turn when it seems that we’ve just landed in the dumpster and Oprah isn’t on until tomorrow?  Cathy Alter, in her recent memoir called Up for Renewal, turned to glossy magazines. After a series of unfortunate events– relating to career, marriage, bad decisions, and bad luck, Cathy chose a bunch of women’s magazines, and adhered to their advice for one year.  From investment strategy to lipstick tips, from sex and dating notes to job and entertainment lessons, these monthly glossies became Cathy’s bibles for self improvement.  The book is fascinating and hilarious. And to those who might only  glance at Cathy’s magazines in the dentist’s waiting room, shed your skepticism for a moment, and take note that after one year of slavishly following the teachings of these publications, she emerged with better jeans, a better understanding of cosmetics, a more than reasonable shot at financial solvency, and more know-how in the dating department.  It’s a totally fun read.  Find Up for Renewal on .