September 15, 2020: Margaret Atwood & Bradley Whitford – Now on YouTube



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

6:00PM PDT

Watch the conversation here:

Writers Bloc and the Skirball Cultural Center present Dame Margaret Atwood.

To attend this very special free livestream with Margaret Atwood, the purchase of a paperback copy of The Testaments from Chevalier’s Books is required. No other fee is charged– only the purchase of the book.  Once you purchase the book from Chevalier’s Books, you will receive an email from Writers Bloc Presents closer to the event date with a unique link to access the September 15 livestream. The first 500 people to purchase the book from Chevalier’s Books will receive a signed copy of The Testaments.

Please email us any questions about the event.

Please email us your questions for Margaret Atwood before September 15.

Margaret Atwood‘s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, shook us in 1985. It imagined a totalitarian state called The Republic of Gilead, which has overthrown the United States. The Constitution has been tossed out the window, and the military has taken over. Gilead’s women are subjugated, the law is the Bible strictly interpreted, and resistance is squashed. Thirty-five years ago,  it was a cautionary tale about repressive societies. Today many readers consider it prophetic. The Testaments is the next chapter.

In conversation with Bradley Whitford. Whitford is an award-winning actor who plays Joseph Lawrence in the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale.  He has had notable roles in countless films, including Get Out, and in countless television series. We almost forgot to mention that he plays Josh Lyman on The West Wing