September 1, 2020: John Dean – Now on YouTube


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

5:00PM PDT

Watch the conversation here:


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Countless books have appeared about the Trump administration, about the corruption, self-dealing, and danger to democracy. John Dean and Bob Altemeyer’s book, Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followerscovers something else: the reasons his supporters keep cheering him on.

You’ll find explanations from The Conman Scale, developed in the 1990’s, and the National Survey on Authoritarianism, created in 2018. This is as much of a psychological study of a slice of American voters as it is an indictment of a president who has embraced authoritarianism, and his followers who embrace him. Dean and Altemeyer explore the president’s mendacity in continually trying to rewrite history, whether by consistently lying, or the disinterest from the Oval Office regarding COVID-19 or the president’s parade through Lafayette Park outside of the White House for a photo-op, using the United States military as a show of force. So, Dean and Altemeyer ask, why do loyalists still submit to the president when his stances are unlawful and against the nation’s interests? Who and what are authoritarian followers?  John Dean and Bob Altemeyer suggest that authoritarian followers are every bit as dangerous as authoritarian leaders.