October 14, 2022: Dahlia Lithwick and Jessica Levinson

Writers Bloc,

Beverly Hills Bar Association and

the American Constitution Society


Legal Analyst Dahlia Lithwick

in Conversation with Jessica Levinson

Friday, October 14, 2022

7:30 PM

Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Center

at Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services

3200 Motor Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90034

Ticket $20-$44

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Writers Bloc, Beverly Hills Bar Association and the American Constitution Society present legal analyst Dahlia Lithwick.

Legal analyst and Supreme Court scholar Dahlia Lithwick salutes the legions of women lawyers across the country who stood up to injustice in The Trump years. 2017-2021 were full of heroes who resisted the racism and xenophobic impulses of the Trump administration, and fought for social justice.

In her new book, Lady Justice: Women, the Law, and the Battle to Save America, Dahlia Lithwick, renown for her astute and nuanced writing about the Supreme Court, tells the stories of women who jumped into action to defy Trump’s repressive orders, to fight back against Neo Nazis, to work for voting rights.

This book is riveting: Consider Sally Yates, who was acting Attorney General, and her refusal to implement the Muslim travel ban. And Stacey Abrams’ unforgettable, almost Sisyphean effort to protect voting rights in Georgia. Lithwick delivers so many heart-stopping accounts of these recent undertakings, things we must not forget in the daily cyclone of overwhelming news. In Lady Justice, Lithwick proves– and celebrates–what social activism requires, and what it can accomplish. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that rescinded Roe v. Wade, Lady Justice calls out for involvement now.

Jessica Levinson is a professor at Loyola Law School where her work focuses on Constitutional Law and Election Law. She is also the Director of Loyola’s Journalist Law School and Loyola’s Public Service Institute. She is a CBS news legal analyst, a columnist for MSNBC, has a weekly legal segment on NPR member station KCRW, and is host of the Passing Judgment podcast. Levinson is also the past president of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission.

Ample street parking within Vista Del Mar available.