Claire Dederer

April 23, 2023: Claire Dederer and Madeleine Brand

Claire Dederer and Madeleine Brand

Sunday, April 23, 2023


New Roads School

3131 Olympic Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Several years ago, Claire Dederer wrote an essay in the Paris Review called “What Do We Do With The Art of Monstrous Men?” It became a sensation, went viral, and prompted her to write a book on the same subject, called Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma.

What’s the dilemma? Some of the most illustrious novelists, filmmakers, entertainers, and visual artists of recent times have been or have been accused of being problematic human beings. Some have done horrible things to people. We accept their genius, but can we accept their art while loathing them? Do we turn away in disgust? Do we forgive them their trespasses or do we hold a moral grudge? Dederer throws light (and shade) on figures such as Roman Polanski, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Picasso, Richard Wagner, and many others. Monsters is an absolutely great read for those of us who struggle with the question of how do we/can we justify loving the art of someone so possibly terrible. It’s provocative, funny, and a most important discussion.

In conversation with Madeleine Brand, host of KCRW’s terrific news and culture show, Press Play. Brand is a journalist who covers local, national and international news and events, as she engages with newsmakers and thought leaders in every field imaginable. You can catch Press Play at noon on weekdays on KCRW.

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