June 6, 2023: Sandra Tsing Loh and Her Madwomen of the West – A Discussion

Writers Bloc Presents a Discussion: Sandra Tsing Loh with

Caroline Aaron, Marilu Henner, and Melanie Mayron

Tuesday, June 6, 2023


The Ebell of Los Angeles

741 South Lucerne Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90005

Ticket $25

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Writers Bloc will host Sandra and her dream team of a cast for a discussion – they will talk about what draws them to their characters, what messages the play delivers , and why we need to talk about this. You can see the play at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles. It runs through June 25.

What happens when four old friends–Boomer feminists– get together for a reunion for brunch in Brentwood? Imagined by Sandra Tsing Loh, brunch becomes a lot dicier, and we’d say more fraught and more fun, than your run of the mill Sunday meet-up of longtime friends. Sandra Tsing Loh is a playwright, radio host, actor, and author. She’s an expert on the world of menopausal women- as you might know from her landmark book, Madwoman in the Volvo. It follows then that her new play, Madwomen of the West, would feature four women of a certain age — and these terrific actors play the four women: Caroline Aaron (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Marilu Henner (Taxi), and Melanie Mayron (Thirtysomething; Jane the Virgin). These women let loose: besides the smoking, the drinking, and a bowl of gummies, there’s bewilderment and real exploration about life, men, ageing, and dealing with children whom we may or may not understand. It’s really funny, and deeply provocative about women trying to figure it all out.

Parking available in adjacent lots or there is street parking (please read signs).