Tuesday, Nov. 8, 7:30 pm: A Tribute to Spalding Gray with Nell Casey, Peter Gallagher, David Ulin and others









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Tickets are $20 each.

The best person to really explain Spalding Gray is Spalding Gray. The man who transformed his life experience into art, into revelatory performance and theater, is one of the most difficult writers or artists to sum up on this Writers Bloc website. We can’t possibly. If you had the great good fortune to see Spalding Gray perform his unforgettable monologues, then you fell under his confessional spell, and you subsequently arrived at the logical conclusion that he bared his heart, soul and guts to you. Perhaps he did just that.  His suicide in 2004 left a gaping hole in our national literary landscape. But sitting down with his journals, the Journals of Spalding Gray (masterfully edited and explained by Nell Casey), the reader realizes that an enormous opportunity has just been dropped in front of us: the opportunity to see a bit inside the heart and soul of the man who brought us so much. What Spalding Gray didn’t deliver to us in his performances, Nell Casey delivers to us now.  The Journals of Spalding Gray run from the 1960’s to his death in 2004. They are, as expected, sometimes funny and sometimes troubling and difficult. And they are utterly riveting. Check out the excerpt in the New York Times Magazine from October 8, 2011: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/09/magazine/spalding-grays-tortured-soul.html

Writers Bloc hosts Nell Casey (in addition to editing The Journals of Spalding Gray, she edited the bestselling Unholy Ghost: Writers on Depression), in conversation with David Ulin, book critic for the Los Angeles Times, and actors, including Peter Gallagher, who will read from the journals.

Tickets, $20. At the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters. 8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood. Free parking with validation. Great cafes, bars and restaurants right there.  To make a reservation, click here or email reservations@writersblocpresents.com.