June 28, 2021: Michael Dobbs With Peter Baker and Susan Glasser on King Richard: Nixon and Watergate: An American Tragedy – Now on YouTube

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Michael Dobbs With Peter Baker & Susan Glasser on

King Richard: Nixon and Watergate: An American Tragedy

June 28, 2021

5:00PM PDT

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It’s been almost 47 years since the resignation of President Richard Nixon. His re-election in 1972 was filled with spectacle and notorious “dirty tricks.” His presidency was the culmination of monumental ambition, in the face of foreign policy expansion, Vietnam peace negotiations,  widespread anti-war protests, and of course covering up the break-in at the Watergate in Washington, D.C. 

Journalist Michael Dobbs, a former longtime reporter with The Washington Post, writes history with the drama that reflected the collective seizure experienced by Americans during the Vietnam War, and during the 100 days in 1973 that crashed the Nixon presidency. In his book, King Richard: Nixon and Watergate: An American Tragedy, he brings the reader into the room, as we read dialog from recently released Nixon tapes that are revelatory and sometimes just plain shocking– tapes that have surfaced after 40 years. Dobbs introduces us to conversations between Nixon and aides, investigators, and others,  and gives us a narrative of a most tragic fall of a president who created his own undoing. We see into the man himself, through the lens of his own words.  Almost 50 years later, Dobbs brings Nixon tapes to us, through his great new book, and his website. Listen to the tapes. Throw yourself back to 1972 and 1973. Shocking.

Author photo credit: Miriam Lomaskin USHMM