November 29, 2017: Pete Souza: President Obama’s Chief Official White House Photographer











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The Getty and Writers Bloc presents Pete Souza, former Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama.  Pete Souza’s photographs of President Obama chronicle the historic presidency of Barack Obama, from profoundly tense  in the Situation Room, to shots both posed and unguarded with world leaders, to candid shots of the President relaxing with his family. Souza’s photographs and comments have attracted millions of viewers to his Instagram page. These pictures tell the story of a singular era in American history and politics, a story told by Pete Souza, the man who arguably spent more time with the President than anyone else. Pete Souza’s photography is a visual biography of Barack Obama’s Presidency. Barack Obama wrote the forward. Reminder: Pete Souza’s book, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, is a perfect holiday gift.