September 11, 2017: Adam Gopnik: A One-Man Show from The New Yorker Festival



September 11, 2017, 7:30pm. Buy tickets here.  At the Ann & Jerry Moss Theater at the Herb Alpert Educational Village at New Roads School, 3131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica 90404.

Special price when you buy a book with your ticket. Books cannot be shipped or transferred. Books can only be picked up at the event. General admission.

We love Adam Gopnik’s columns in The New Yorker, pieces which cover everything from food to his beloved Paris, from art movements to politics. When centered around the more gentle side of life, such as when he explores family and parenthood, his columns are powerful and often really funny. His cultural and critical eye is serious and stern, and his political arguments during the campaign and thereafter have been fierce. Now, Adam Gopnik presents a one-man show of stories from his 30 years in New York City.  Many of these stories are featured in his new book, At the Stranger’s Gate, Arrivals in New York.  He first performed this show last year at The New Yorker Festival, and it is directed by Catherine Burns, of The Moth. 

In his new book, At the Stranger’s Gate, Gopnik relives his great experiment: his move from his native Montreal to Manhattan in the 80’s, with his fiancee. We know that New York is a jungle– and is one of the most difficult places in which to live and work. If that cocktail weren’t difficult enough, toss in a dash of ambition to pursue a career in art criticism. And Gopnik makes New York housing stories as funny as they are harrowing. Gopnik’s story is really the story of New York in the 80’s, a city like no other on the planet. It’s funny and moving, and filled with some of the most notable names in 20th century art and culture– and some pretty great stories about New York ambition.