Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 7:30 pm: Buddy Elias, Anne Frank’s first cousin, with Jonathan Kirsch on new Frank family documents

The Diary of Anne Frank has given insight to three generations around the world, to tens of millions of readers, about what people in hiding go through, the fear and frustration they suffer, the hunger for the outside world, the extent to which virtual prisoners will go to survive. That Anne Frank was just a child when she wrote it contributes to its profound nature; her entries about her adolescent ups and downs and her magnificent optimism make her diary one of the most valuable,…

Tues., March 13, 7:30 pm: Jonathan Safran Foer with David Ulin on the New American Haggadah

Each year, as Passover rolls around, many of us turn to our bookshelves and wonder if something better has turned up in the world of haggadas.  Something interesting. Perhaps something meaningful.  Perhaps something that resonates more than the worn out haggadas that we’ve used for the past 10, 15, even 50 years.  When a new haggadah hits the stands, it’s reason to take notice.