November 13, 2020: Michael Connelly and Matthew McConaughey: The Lincoln Lawyer is Back – Now on YouTube


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Friday, November 13, 2020

5:00PM PST

Watch the conversation here:

To attend this very special event with Michael Connelly and Matthew McConaughey, the purchase of Michael Connelly’s The Law of Innocence OR Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights from Vroman’s Bookstore is required. The book must be purchased through Vroman’s Bookstore. No other fee is charged—only the purchase of the book and shipping.

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Our Lincoln Lawyer is back. Michael Connelly’s The Law of Innocence is Mickey Haller’s sixth star turn since his debut 15 years ago, and it couldn’t arrive at a better time. This legal thriller zeroes in on our savvy and creative attorney as he braces for trial. This time, he’s defending himself–for murder. He’s being framed, but how to prove it? And how to prove it from The Twin Towers Correctional Institute in Los Angeles? As a local defense attorney, his potential list of enemies could be pages long, but who’s the real killer? A past witness or former client? Our favorite literary lawyer knows he needs a complex strategy — Haller is anything but camera shy, but needs to show the court, the public, and his enemies, that not only is he innocent, but that he can prove the guilt of the real killer. Michael Connelly’s latest gives Mickey Haller deeper dimensions, and laces the ride with great turns from Cisco, his Harley-riding investigator, his ex-wife Lorna, his surprising co-counsel, and so many others. Including Bosch. We are so grateful that Harry can be so helpful to his half-brother, Mickey Haller. What a ride.

When one imagines The Lincoln Lawyer, we see Matthew McConaughey. In a carefully considered gorgeous suit. In the back of his Lincoln, reviewing files, fielding calls, defending often morally ambiguous clients. Besides being the longtime face of Lincoln, McConaughey is an Academy Award-winning actor, and the author of the book, Greenlights. “Catching greenlights” is the term he uses for success, and Greenlights is McConaughey’s distillation of 36 years of personal diary entries, of stories, of accounts of how he grabbed life, how he looks at life.