October 31, 2020: It’s Halloween. Need Some Group Therapy with Yale Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee? – Now on YouTube


Saturday, October 31, 2020

5:30PM PDT

Watch the conversation here:

Through midnight on November 1, you can order Dr. Lee’s book through her web site (bandylee.com) for less than half price at $8.95.

It’s Halloween, and we’re all surrounded by fear.  Afraid of opening the newspaper in the morning? What frightens YOU most? Does Donald Trump scare you? Are you psychologically afraid of what’s going to happen, or what could happen, on election day and after that? Are you afraid of COVID-19? Do you need some pre-election, COVID-19 group therapy?  

Dr. Bandy Lee is a psychiatrist at Yale University. Her new book, Profile of a Nation: Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul, is an evaluation of Donald Trump, his followers, and the environment that supports them. Dr. Lee considers it a duty to warn the public about potential dangers the public might face while considering the president’s mental health. No, Trump is nor ever was her patient. But Dr. Lee believes that there is much evidence on record, however, for mental health experts to raise the alarm about his fitness and mental stability. As a psychiatrist, she assesses his “danger to others,” while studying incidents readily available to the public, on record. She regards it as a professional and ethical duty to report potential danger when national and global safety could be at stake.

Send us your questions, and your fears!  Dr. Lee will address them, and try to make you understand them, and feel better. Email us at reservations@writersblocpresents.com.

In conversation with Richard Greene, attorney and international consultant in human communications. Among his areas of interest is the abuse of language by Donald Trump. Richard Greene has been involved with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Richard is a civics educator and founder of 279forchange.us.